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Course code ADLTS
Course Name Advanced Diploma in LED/LCD TV Service Training
Course Type Direct
Eligibility No Need
Age Limit No bar
Duration 21 Days
Batch Type Regular,Fast Track,Week End (Saturday only)
Timing Regular Class : 1 hr / 2 hrs Daily Class
Weekend Class : 4 hrs of Every Saturday.
Payment Mode Debit Card, Credit Card, Net Banking, Paypal, Gpay
Registration 2 Photo, 1 Address Proof, Registration Charges Rs.250 is Extra
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Course Topics


  • What is LCD&LED TV?
  • Types of LCD & LED TV
  • Various sizes of LCD and LED TV and its difference
  • What is the difference between LCD & LED TV?
  • How TV works?


LCD TV Parts Identification:

  • LCD TV disassembling and assembling practical
  • LCD TV various parts identification
    • LCD screen
    • Power supply board-SMPS
    • CCFL Backlight inverter board
    • T-con board
    • Speakers
    • Power switch and other switch board


Basic Electronics:

  • introduction
  • what is difference between electrical and electronics
  • What is current and volt?
  • What is difference between AC and DC? AC current/volt,DC current /volt
  • Difference between normal electronics and SMT electronics What is multimeter? How use multimeter?



  • What are resistor and its working function?
  • Types of resistor
  • Resistor colour coding
  • Difference between normal resistor and SMT resistor
  • How find smd resistor value? And its checking method
  • Resistor soldering practice



  • What are capacitor and its working function?
  • Types of capacitor
  • Difference between normal capacitor and SMT capacitor
  • How find capacitor value? And its checking method
  • Capacitor Farad checking method
  • High volt capacitor soldering practice


Inductor and Transformer:

  • What are inductor and its working function?
  • Types of inductor
  • Inductor checking method
  • What are transformer and its working function?
  • Types of transformer
  • Step-down transformer checking method
  • Step-up transformer checking method


  • What are diode and its working function?
  • Types of diode-rectifier diode, Zener diode, LED, Schottky diode
  • What is bridge diode? and its function
  • Difference between normal diode and SMT diode
  • Diode checking method and soldering practice
  • How remove bridge diode from SMPS?
  • How remove and fixing Schottky diode from SMPS?



  • What are transistor and its working function?
  • Types of transistor-mosfet, PNP and NPN
  • Difference between normal transistor and SMT transistor
  • Mosfet and NPN checking method and soldering practice


Led Tv Parts Identification:

  • LED TV disassembling and assembling practical
  • LED TV various parts identification
  • LED light string replace method

1.LCD screen

2.Power supply board-SMPS

3.LED Backlight DRIVER board

4.Backlight LED string

5.T-con board



8.Power switch and other switch board



  1. SMPS power supply board
  2. What is SMPS?
  3. Various types of LCD-LED TV smps power supply
  4. Smps functional block diagram
  5. External AC-DC Adapter circuit diagram and its troubleshooting tips

SMPS Section:

  1. LCD TV SMPS complete circuit diagram explanation/tracing and fault finding with troubleshooting tips
  2. SMPS Primary rectifier circuit tracing and fault finding
  3. SMPS Secondary rectifier circuit tracing and fault finding
  4. STR type SMPS and PWM type SMPS difference and explain
  5. SMPS troubleshooting tips
  6. Power Fail for LCD TV or LED TV [TV Dead condition]

b.LCD TV stand by light not ON

c.SMPS Standby LED Blinking

d.SMPS Standby LED ON then OFF


Student Practical:

SMPS Board Voltage checking:

  • How clear SMPS excess Dc current through Test bulb?
  • How check SMPS primary section high voltage?
  • How check SMPS low output DC voltage?


LCD TV Backlight problem-CCFL LIGHT:

  • What is inverter? And CCFL light
  • LCD TV backlight inverter circuit fault finding with troubleshooting tips
  • CCFL LIGHT replacing from LCD Screen
  • LCD TV CCFL Backlight checking by Universal inverter


LED TV LED Backlight problem:

  • What is LED backlight Driver
  • How work LED Backlight Driver Circuit? And its tracing with troubleshooting method
  • LED Backlight driver circuit output voltage checking method
  • How Remove and Fix LED Light from LED STRING?
  • How check LED Backlight through power supply?


SMPS Troubleshooting Tips:

  • Backlight inverter troubleshooting tips
  • Students smps board circuit tracing practical
  • Remove and fixing Transformer/Bridge rectifier diode/Fuse/Schottky Diode/Power Mosfet and High volt capacitor
  • Smps doubt clearing class


LCD-LED TV Motherboard:

What is LCD TV Motherboard? and its various Brands of motherboard parts identification [Samsung/LG/sony/Panasonic etc.]

LCD TV Motherboard Functional Block diagram explain

LCD TV motherboard IC’s List


Power supply ic’s

  1. Stand by LDO regulator ic [5V to 3V] Ic part number-1084/1085/AZ1117
  2. Tuner DC-DC controller ic
  3. DDR RAM LDO Regulator
  5. ROM IC
  8. HDMI CONTROLLER IC and etc…



Motherboard IC’s datasheet download and explain

How to trace motherboard tuner circuit problem with troubleshooting tips


  1. How to check motherboard standby regulator circuit with troubleshooting tips

b.How to check and tracing memory and audio regulator circuit with troubleshooting tips


How check and tracing LCD screen power supply circuit with troubleshooting tips


LCD Screen Section Problems:

  1. Vertical lines
  2. Horizantal lines
  3. poor LCD Images
  4. How check LCD screen panel through -LVDS TESTER
  5. LCD Screen Datasheet explain


Motherboard Fault Finding Through CRO:

LCD TV No Display Problem, But LCD TV standby LED is ON

  1. How check CPU clock crystal through CRO? [14.3Mhz/24Mhz]
  2. How check CPU core voltage?
  3. How check motherboard various section voltage?


LCD TV Motherboard Rom Flashing:

  1. No display problem for LCD-LED TV
  2. When switch ON TV-but TV company logo still shows[Samsung/LG or sony]
  3. LCD Tv Setting menu problems
  4. LCD Tv standby LED ON, but motherboard image are not processing
  5. LCD Screen resolution problem
  6. LCD screen Ghost image problem
  7. LCD Screen double image problem
  8. Unknown faults


How flashing ROM chip through ROM PROGRAMMER


LCD PANEL T.Con Board:

  1. what is T.con board
  2. T.con board general fault finding
  3. various T.con board and its parts identification
  4. various T.con board common problems and symptoms

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