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Solar Power Installation Training

Course Details
Course code ADSEST
Course Name Solar Power Installation Training
Course Type Direct
Eligibility No Need
Age Limit No bar
Duration 3weeks
Batch Type Regular,Fast Track,Week End (Saturday only)
Regular : 1 hr / 2 hrs Daily Class
Weekend : 4 hrs of Every Saturday.
Payment Mode By Cash / Card Payment / Demand Draft favoring "CHIP SYSTEMS", Payable at Chennai
Registration 2 Photo, 1 Address Proof, Registration Charges Rs.250 is Extra
We provide Space- Includes Class rooms & Lab with all facilities, Course materials, ID card, Note, Pen, Life time Backup Support, Whole sale materials Purchase References, Old & New materials contacts, Job Assistance, Self Employment Assistance & Etc...
Exam Online Examination with Online Verified Certificate.


WEAK-1 Energy:
  • What is Energy
  • Types of energy (Non-Renewable & Renewable)
  • Types of Non - Renewable energy (Thermal, Nuclear, Oil & Gas)
  • Types of Renewable energy (Solar, wind, Hydrogen, bio etc..,)
Sources of Electricity:
  • World Source of Electricity
  • Source of Electricity in India
  • Who Discovered Electricity?
Basics Electricity:
  • Voltage
  • Current
  • Watt (Power)
  • Resistance
  • AC current
  • DC current
WEAK-2 History of Solar PV:
  • First photoelectric effect
  • First photovoltaic module
  • First space industry began PV system
Types of solar energy:
  • What is Thermal
  • What is Photovoltaic (P V)
Basic Function of Solar Cell:
  • Why solar cell consist 36 cells
  • How solar cell produced Current
Solar Cell and Module Manufacturing process:
  • Solar Cell Raw materials
  • Manufacturing process
  • Silicon Wafers
  • Doping and Anti Reflection
  • Solar Panel Lamination
  • Solar Panel Framing
  • Flash Testing
  • How it is manufactured? (Video Presentations)
  • Solar Panel manufacturing process (Video Presentations)
Types of Solar PV Module:
  • Types of Solar Panels (Mono crystalline, Poly crystalline & Thin Film)
  • New Generation Solar Cells
How to select Solar PV Module:
  • The top 9 criteria for panel selection
Battery Fundamental:
  • First electrical cell
  • Basic Types of batteries ( primary and secondary)
  • Working principle
Battery Components:
  • Components (lead plate, Separator and Sulfuric acid)
  • Single cell voltage
  • What is AH
Types of Secondary batteries:
  • Flooded or "wet" battery (Tubular)
  • Gel battery cell
  • AGM battery
  • SLI battery
Battery life, charge time and C10 & C20:
  • Life of batteries
  • Charging Time of battery
  • C10 & C20
Battery Components:
  • Battery Maintenance
  • Positioning the batteries
  • Ventilation
  • Cleaning
  • Watering of battery cells
  • Test Voltage
  • Test specific gravity
WEAK-3 Inverter & UPS:
  • UPS
  • Difference between inverter and UPS
  • Uses of Inverter and UPS
Solar PCU:
  • What is Solar PCU
  • Types of solar inverter (PCU) (Off grid, On grid and Micro )
Charge Controller:
  • Why need charge controller
  • Types of CC (MPPT & PWM)
Wire and Cable:
  • What is wire?
  • Types of wire
  • What is cable
  • Types of cable
  • How to calculate
  • Solar cable
Solar PV panel specification:
  • What is Panel (Modules) specification
  • Open Circuit Voltage (VOC)
  • How to measure VOC
  • Short Circuit Current (Isc)
  • How to measure ISC
  • Temperature Coefficient
  • Solar Panel Efficiency
  • Cell Efficiency
  • Fill Factor (FF)
  • How much electricity can generate solar panels.
WEAK-4 Solar System Design:
Load Calculation
  • How calculate load
  • Watts hour
Solar panel Calculation:
  • Panel (Volts / Watts & no. of panels)
Solar Charge controller Calculation:
  • Charge Controller Selection
  • CC Amps rate
Battery Calculation:
  • Battery selection
  • Number of Batteries
Invertors Calculation:
  • Inverter selection (Volts / VA selection)
Solar Street Light:
  • Solar Panel
  • Pole heig
  • Pole distance
  • Pole Foundation Method
  • Batter box
  • Battery box mounding method
  • Low maintenance battery
  • luminaries
  • Charge controller (Dusk to Dawn )
Solar Pump Installation (concept)

Demo Video CCTV Student Feedback Video
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