1. Branding Name

CHIP SYSTEMS. (For Billing you can use your Name)
Name board, Logos, Color, Furniture & fittings & etc must be like as chip systems

2. Franchise Fees

Rs: 2 Lakhs Non-refundable
for Branding Name, Certification, Book Materials

3. Sharing Basis

Direct Courses : 75:25 (75 is yourself, 25% to us-chip systems)
Online Courses : 25:75 (25 is yourself, 75% to us-chip systems)
Book + DVD : 40% Discount for franchisee
Special Courses : Case to case we fix the ratio for special courses

4. MOU Renewal

1 Year

5. Renewal Fees


6. Advertisement

All local Advertisement to be made by yourself.
Any Advertisement can be done with prior permission.
Online advertisement will be done by H.O only.

7. Course Fees

Franchise can fix up Course Fees & Package Fees.
(Our Royalty sharing is based on our H.O fees)
Based On the area of Requirements, with proper approval from H.O.

8. Franchise limit

Franchises should not interfere with one place to another.

9. Billing cycle

1 & 15 of Every month
Royalty Payment should be made in 1 day on receipt of billing

10. Our Policy

Franchise should not conduct any other related trainings under Chip Systems brand name