Course Details
Course codeADLAP2-E
Course NameAdvanced Diploma in Laptop Motherboard- Chip Level Training. (L2) – English
Course TypeOnline
EligibilityNo Need
Age LimitNo bar
Duration1 Month
Timing24×7 Hrs
Payment ModeDebit Card, Credit Card, Net Banking, Paypal, Gpay
We provideOnline Videos (Do not Download this Videos All or Copyrighted By Chip Systems )
ExamOnline Examination with Online Verified Certificate.
Course Topics

Section 1
1-2.Componenets Identify

Section 2
2-1.Vin Voltage Checking
2-2.Adapter Currnet Sense Resistor
2-3.Power Failure Trouble Shooting
2-4.Always Voltage Checking

Section 3
3-1.How Work Battery Charge Circuit
3-2.Nmos Charging Circuit -Explain
3-3.Mosfet Checking & Troubleshooting

Section 4
4.Step Down 3v & 5v Regulator Circuit Explain

Section 5
5-1.CPU Vcore Circuit Components & Socket Inetification
5-2.How Work CPU Vcore Circuit-Explain
5-3.CPU Vcore Section Voltage Checking & Troubleshooting

Section 6
6-1.How Work DDR Ram Regulator Circuit-Explain
6-2.Ram Regulator Circuit Voltage Checking & its Troubleshooting

Section 7
7-1.How Work Chipset VTT Regulator Circuit-Explain
7-2.VTT Regulator Voltage Checking & its Troubleshooting

Section 8
8-1.How Work GPU Regulator Circuit-Explain
8-2.GPU Regulator Voltage Checking & its Troubleshooting

Section 9
9.1.How Work Clock Generator Circuit-Explain
9.2.Clock Circuit CRO Checking & Troubleshooting

Section 10
10.Laptop Motherboard Voltage Checking

Section 11
11-1.What is Mosfet
11-2.Where to Locate N & P Mosfet
11-3.8 Lead Nmos & Pmos pin out
11-4.What is Dual Mosfet
11-5.How to Check Mosfet

Section 12
12-1.Super IO IC Identification
12-2.What is Super IO

Section 13
13.SMD IC Soldering Practice

Section 14
14-1.Voltage Checking Section-2

Section 15
15-1.Lenova Laptop Battery Charging Failure Troubleshooting-1
15-2.HP Laptop Battery Charging Failure Troubleshooting -2
15-3.No Display Troubleshooting-3

Section 16
16-1.LCD Display Power Circuit
16-2.LCD Con Voltage Checking & Troubleshooting

Section 17
17-1.How Open Laptop Adapter
17-2.Adapter Circuit Components
17-3.Adapter Function & Fault Finding

Section 18
18.Audio Section

Section 19
19.BGA Video

Section 20
20.Bios Flashing

Section 21
21-1.Laptop Keyboard Conn Remove & Refix Method
21-2.Laptop Motherboard LCD Conn Remove & Refix Method

Section 22
22-1&2.HDD and DVD Not Working-Solution
22-3.USB Not Working-Solution

Section 23
23-1.Hp Laptop Battery Charge Failure
23-2.Hp Laptop Battery Power Mode Failure

Section 24
24.How to Solve Laptop Motherboard No Display Problem

Section 25
25.Laptop Motherboard Troubleshooting Section-3

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